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71% and Rising

71% and Rising will be the greatest manifesto for the protection of the ocean.

On their investigative journey around the planet, the multi-award-winning underwater cinematographers Claudia and Hendrik Schmitt will unravel the greatest threats for marine ecosystems and find out why we all need to care about the state of our ocean.

Step by step, the filmmakers find out how everything in the ocean is connected and how it influences (human) life on land. The health of our ocean and humanity’s future on this planet are inseparable.

A documentary in the making: Work with us and become part of the 71%

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The Shark with a Thousand Names

Rumor has it that some fishermen have a very special relationship with whale sharks. A team of underwater filmmakers and photographers step off the beaten path and take their cameras on a journey deep into an almost unknown region in Indonesia to discover this secret whale shark population, get up close and personal with the animals underwater, and tell a rare story of peaceful coexistence between humans and sharks. A story that we can take something away from.

Our new film is on film festival tour, find a screening close to your town!

Good News from Planet Earth

Längengrad Filmproduktion present „Good News from Planet Earth“. In this 5 part documentary series, we show the small and big successes of people, organizations and companies who are fighting to improve conditions for people and nature.

Wether it’s lightweight houses made of plastic waste that provide more safety for residents of earthquake zones or the rescue of the California sea otter that helps protect the climate – we are happy that we were able to join an international team searching for stories like these in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Africa. They show that everyone can do something about the crisis of our time even when policymakers hesitate or fail.

Watch the first 5 episodes in the ARTE Mediathek now!

The Origin - Life around the Hot Spring

It it believed that life on Earth originated at volcanic hot springs. White smokers and black smokers still exist today, mostly in the deep sea.

In a few places on this planet, volcanic hot springs are within the reach of scuba divers. Like the ones in the deep sea, they are an important habitat and attract a universe of marine life, often highly camouflaged or extremely tiny. Dive into a world of fish that look like sponges, crabs that decorate themselves with anemones, mysterious ornate ghost pipefish and more critters of the deep.

All of the footage in this short film has been filmed around a hot spring in Sulawesi, Indonesia. The film has been selected at numerous film festivals, see the full list here!

360° Sea Plastic feat. Tim Robbins

Filmmakers The Jetlagged have teamed up with global alliance Plastic Pollution Coalition to release “Sea Plastic,” a beautiful and powerful virtual reality film illustrating the plastic pollution crisis.

Narrated by Oscar-winning actor, producer, activist, and Plastic Pollution Coalition Notable Member, Tim Robbins, the film takes viewers on a journey through polluted beaches, a river of plastic, under the surface of the ocean, and even into an overflowing and burning landfill. Stunning footage is combined with actions each of us can take to work together to stop plastic pollution.  

Read more and watch the video now!

Ocean Adventures from the Polar Circle to the Equator.

About Us Award-winning filmmakers committed to protect the ocean

Award-winning underwater, nature and wildlife filmmakers

The Jetlagged are award-winning underwater, nature and wildlife filmmakers and passionate for the protection of our ocean. While Hendrik enjoys combining his professional education as director and filmmaker with his passion for the ocean, Claudia builds on her background in media production and quickly developed into an avid underwater videographer, one of the few females in the industry.

The Jetlagged create powerful films about the underwater world from the polar circle to the equator. Confronted with the vulnerability of the ocean and eye witness to the problems our ocean is facing, they decided to become ambassadors of the underwater world. They use their cameras and skills not only to create beautiful films about their diving adventures, but also to focus on documentary films about environmental issues like pollution, climate crisis, overfishing and species extinctions – and on the ocean heroes who are dedicated to the ocean’s protection.

With 360° VR films, we have found another way of bringing the ocean even closer to the people: we create virtual experience which totally immerse the viewer in the underwater environment - and give them a feeling of actually being there. Thus, virtual reality is a powerful tool for environmental conservation.

Over the years, The Jetlagged’s films have reached countless thrilled audiences, both online on social media platforms and on film festivals in many different countries, where all of their films have been able to win international film festival awards.


Awards Awards & Achievements

- Selection -
Best Nordic Short Film - Ocean Films Húsavík, Iceland, 2022
Best Short Film for Kids - Green Screen International Natur Film Festival Germany, 2021
First Prize Long Documentary - CIMASUB Ciclo Internacional de Cine Submarino de Donostia, Spain, 2020
First Prize Best Beach & Sea Film, Arrábida Film Art & Tourism Festival, Portugal 2019
Best Ocean Film - Wildlife Conservation Film Festival, USA, 2018
Nominee Best Newcomer - Green Screen International Natur Film Festival Germany, 2018
Best Short Film for Kids, - Green Screen International Natur Film Festival Germany, 2017
Innovation Award - San Francisco International Ocean Film Festival, USA, 2016

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The Shark with a Thousand Names

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