The Shark with a Thousand Names April 26, 2023

The Shark with a Thousand Names film poster
The Shark with a Thousand Names film poster


Rumor has it that some fishermen in Indonesia have a very special relationship with giants of the sea. A team of underwater filmmakers and photographers steps off the beaten path and take their cameras on a journey deep into an almost unknown region in Indonesia to discover a newly discovered whale shark population. 

They get up close and personal with the animals underwater, and tell a rare story of peaceful coexistence between humans and sharks – a story that we can take something away from.

The film crew:

Hendrik S. Schmitt, Claudia Schmitt, Ben Trayner, Audita Harsono, Andy Wheatcroft, Alex Kydd, Emma Hanney, Sascha Blank

April 2023 – International Ocean Film Festival San Francisco, USA
April 2023 – Paf Tachov, International Festival of Underwater Photography, Films and Children’s Artwork, April 2023, Czech Republic, Award: 2nd Prize
April 2023 – Cinemare Ocean Film Festival, Kiel, April 2023, Germany
May 2023 – Dana Point Film Festival, USA
May 2023 – International Nature and Environmental Protection Filmfestival, Gödöllö, Hungary
June 2023 – Kaş International Short Film Festival, Turkey
June 2023 – Blue Water Film Festival, San Diego, USA
September 2023 – Green Screen International Nature Film Festival, Germany
September 2023 – Finisterra Brazil Film Art & Tourism Festival, Brazil
September 2023 – IFF Ekotopfilm – Envirofilm Slovakia
PIWEFF Pakistan International Wildlife and Eco Film Festival


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