Good News From Planet Earth

We’ve contributed 5 short films for this series produced by Längengrad Filmproduktion for BR, MDR in co-production with ARTE.

We‘ve had enough of watching only news about war, species extinction and climate crisis – we present “Good News from Planet Earth”. In our 5-part documentary series, we show the small and big successes of people, organizations and companies who are fighting to improve conditions for people and nature. Positive news giving courage –and often getting lost in the daily flood of bad news.

Whether it’s lightweight houses made of plastic waste that provide more safety for residents of earthquake zones or the first completely compostable jeans that help reduce trash piles or the rescue of the California sea otter that helps protect the climate – an international team has spent 2 years searching for stories like these in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Africa. They show that everyone can do something about the crises of our time even when policymakers hesitate or fail.



How we protect the Ocean
– Our films:
– Tourists help to protect manta rays in Indonesia
– Seaweed farming in the Philippines to save the Climate

How we make agriculture more sustainable
– Our film: Owls in vinyards are better than rodenticides

How we make cities worth living
– Our film: Earthquake resistant houses made from recycled plastic waste

How we protect animal species
– Our film: How saving the Californian Sea Otter also helps to protect the climate

How we protect the moor, heath and meadow
How we do fashion fair and green
How we recover nature