Galápagos – The world that was meant to be

One of the greatest travel adventures and most amazing scuba diving destinations is without a doubt the Galápagos Islands. We spent two weeks on Aqua Liveaboard in 2019, exploring the islands of this remote and legendary archipelago.

Our first week-long trip, the “naturalist” cruise, let us follow Darwin’s footsteps and explore the islands of Santa Cruz, Floreana, Santa Fé, Santiago, Rabida, Bartholomew, North Seymore and more. Walking on adventurous trails, we visited new places every day, like Dragon Hill, Chinese Hat, Buccaneer Cove, Pinnacle Rock, only to name a few. After the hikes, it was time to cool down in the cold waves of the Humboldt current and check out the Galápagos islands’ unique underwater world. We snorkeled with endemic Galápagos sea lions, giant manta rays and the rarest penguin in the world – the Galápagos penguin.

The second week onboard Aqua was dedicated to diving and exploring the more remote parts of the Galápagos archipelago, Wolf and Darwin, about 250 km away from the Galápagos main islands. There, we encountered countless hammerhead and Galápagos sharks, silky sharks, bottlenose dolphins and eagle rays in what were definitely the craziest currents we have ever dived in!

Galápagos deservedly is on every diver’s bucket list!

Big love to XCEL Dive Europe, Xdeep, Suunto Diving, Nanight and DAN Europe (Divers Alert Network Europe) and thanks for the support!