360 VR Video Production & Virtual Tours

We create immersive 360 videos and virtual tours that transport your audience to any place you can think of and totally immerse them in a different environment.

Nothing compares to a 360 video that shows everything in the scene everywhere, be it

  • your resort facilities, hotel rooms and destination experience
  • the world underwater: the corals on your house reef, the manta rays circling a cleaning station or a shipwreck in the blue
  • an educational short film experience with a message.

Whether it is for innovative storytelling, educational projects, destination promotion or brand experience, immersive 360 videos will differentiate you from your competitors and help truly connect with your audience. Utilizing 360 content on all platforms that accept it (e.g. Youtube, Meta, Vimeo, etc.) will almost assure more eyes on your posts.


360 | PADI Live unfiltered – Diving in Austria

Dive into the mystical underwater world of Samaranger lake in the Austrian mountains. This is a different immersive experience showcasing an environment you most likely have not seen before. VR Experience we created for PADI in 2022.

360 | Coral Reefs – Life Below The Surface

Award-winning educational short film about coral reefs produced in cooperation with ZMT Leibniz Centre for Tropical Marine Research and as a contribution to the International Year of the Reef 2018.

360 | Sea Plastic

Filmmakers The Jetlagged have teamed up with global alliance Plastic Pollution Coalition and Oscar-winning actor and narrator Tim Robbins to release “Sea Plastic,” a beautiful and powerful virtual reality film illustrating the plastic pollution crisis.

360 | Diving on Manta Point Nusa Penida (Bali)

Experience one of Bali’s most famous dive sites, Manta Point on Nusa Penida, and enjoy several encounters with the majestic Manta rays. Produced in cooperation with Ceningan Divers.

360 video content reaches your audience easily

The most immersive way to watch 360 content is with VR headsets, like for example Meta. However, you don’t necessarily need a headset to view the content and have a great experience. Youtube and Facebook are the most popular platforms that fully support 360 videos. The content can be viewed on a computer with click and drag or on mobile devices or tablets that use the sensors on the device to enable the viewer to look around.

Content can also be uploaded to special 360 VR platforms & apps. It can also become part of your website, so you can genuinely use the content wherever your audience is watching.

From straight forward 360 photography to full immersive 360 video production, both on land and underwater, we create 360 content to suit most budgets…

Get in touch and contact us: info@thejetlagged.com