Hans Hass – Pioneer of the Deep

A film by Daniela Pulverer
Documentary (2022, 43/52 Min.), ARTE

Portrait of Hans Hass (1919-2013), the Austrian biologist and underwater explorer who pioneered our understanding of the flora and fauna of the oceans through ground-breaking films.

The underwater world exerts a magical attraction on many people. The very first images of colorful coral reefs and imposing sharks we owe to Hans Hass. In the 1930s, he was the first to bring the world of the oceans to the general public through films and research expeditions – at a time when it still seemed almost impossible. Underwater photographer and marine biologist Laurent Ballesta still benefits from Hass’ work today, as do underwater film makers Claudia and Hendrik Schmitt. Claudia Schmitt is particularly aware of the pioneering work of Hass’ wife Lotte, who contributed significantly to her husband’s success and was the first woman to conquer the male-dominated underwater world. This documentary provides exciting insights into the world of Hans Hass, who with his more than 70 films and numerous self-developed technologies laid the foundation for underwater films and filmmakers to come after him.

Directed by: Daniela Pulverer
Camera: Imanuel Spiegel and others
Underwater Camera: Claudia Schmitt, Hendrik Schmitt and others

Watch now (available until 24/10/2023): www.arte.tv/de/videos/108493-000-A/hans-hass-pionier-der-tiefe