We live underwater

Coral reefs worldwide are in imminent danger because of global warming and rising water temperatures.

Underwater explorers, divers and filmmakers of The Jetlagged are setting out to give threatened coral eco­systems a new chance: They build an artificial reef on a Indonesian island paradise with heavily damaged corals. The submerged metal structure will be equipped with a special feature: Electricity. This special, so-called „Biorock“ technology has proven to give corals super powers – enhancing their growth and health with astonishing success. 6 months later, The Jetlagged come back to check out the progress on their reef…


A W A R D S :
Innovation Award – 2016 San Francisco International Ocean Film Festival
Best Direction – 2015 Silently 3 (Short Underwater Movie Festival)
Best Theme – Kolkotta International Wildlife & Environment Film Festival
Prize of the Main Advertising Partner Effectivity POWERED BY PUBLICS – 2016 Ekotopfilm – Envirofilm
2nd Prize Sea & Beach Tourism Film – Finisterra Arrábida Film Art & Tourism Festival, Portugal, 2017
Audience Award Best Short Film for Kids – Green Screen International Natur Film Festival Eckernförde, 2017

F I L M   F E S T I V A L   S E L E C T I O N S :
Wildlife Conservation Film Festival, New York / USA, 2015
19th International Underwater Film Festival, Belgrade / Serbia, 2015
Our world underwater, Lone Star State & Chicago / USA, 2015
Wild Film Fest, Falmouth / UK, 2016
Why Not? Adventure Film Festival & Tour – Semi-Finalist / Ireland, 2016
SILA Festival – Finalist / Italy, 2016
Vaasa Wildlife Festival – Nominated for Special Award for Underwater / Finland, 2016
Noosa International Film Festival, Ecoflicks Category / Australia, 2016
Thunder Bay International Film Festival, Alpena / USA, 2017
PIPA Film Festival Surf & Outdoors / Brazil, 2017
Sustainability Shorts Film Festival, Illinois / USA, 2017
Wild and Green Shorts Film Festival / May 2017
ADEX Dive Expo / Singapore 2017
International Nature Film Festival Gödöllö / Hungary, 2017
ADEX Dive Expo Beijing / China 2017
Wheels and Fins International Film Festival, Joss Bay Beach / UK, 2017
14th International Film Festival (IFF) „Water, sea & the oceans“ (Voda Moře Oceány) / Czech Republic, 2017
SEFF – Short Eco Film Festival, October 5 – 8, Maramureș / Romania 2017
Voices from the Waters International Traveling Film Festival, October 18 / 2017 India
Green Screen Environmental Film Festival, November 2, / Trinidad &Tobago 2017
Festival Internacional de Imagem de Natureza, December 1 – 10 / Portugal, 2017
Moving Waters Film Festival, Bangalore / India, 2017
NatureTrack Film Festival, March 23 / 2018, USA
New Earth International Film Festival, 15 Oct, Kraków / Poland, 2018
St. Johns Film Society Filmfestival / St. Johns Virgin Islands, 2018