We live underwater (How we built our own artificial Biorock reef) July 14, 2015

Coral reefs worldwide are threatened, suffering from pollution, overfishing and global warming. According to the WWF, we have already lost 27% of the world’s coral reefs. If present rates of destruction continue, 60% of the world’s coral reefs will be gone in the next 30 years.

But we can do something to help: We built an artificial Biorock reef on Gili Trawangan, an Indonesian island paradise with heavily damaged corals. A submerged metal structure will be equipped with a special feature: Electricity! This method has proven to give corals super powers – enhancing growth and health with astonishing success. The emerging electrolytic process draws minerals out of the sea water that corals need to build their limestone skeletons. Within the electric field of a Biorock, corals grow up to 8 times faster than under naturals conditions, recover up to 20 times faster from damages and are up to 50 times more resistant to environmental threats, such as coral bleaching caused by warming ocean temperatures.

Our film has been screened and awarded on various film festivals.

A W A R D S:
Audience Award Best Short Film for Kids – Green Screen International Natur Film Festival Eckernförde, Germany, 2017
Innovation Award – 2016 San Francisco International Ocean Film Festival
2nd Prize Sea & Beach Tourism Film – Finisterra Arrábida Film Art & Tourism Festival, Portugal, 2017
Prize of the Main Advertising Partner Effectivity POWERED BY PUBLICS – 2016 Ekotopfilm – Envirofilm
Best Direction – 2015 Silently 3 (Short Underwater Movie Festival)
Best Theme – Kolkotta International Wildlife & Environment Film Festival, 2015

F E S T I V A L S C R E E N I N G S :
Wildlife Conservation Film Festival, New York / USA, 2015
19th International Underwater Film Festival, Belgrade / Serbia, 2015
Our world underwater, Lone Star State & Chicago / USA, 2015
Wild Film Fest, Falmouth / UK, 2016
Why Not? Adventure Film Festival & Tour, Ireland, 2016 – Semi-Finalist
SILA Festival, Italy, 2016 – Finalist
Vaasa Wildlife Festival, Vaasa / Finland, 2016 – Nominated for Special Award for Underwater
Noosa International Film Festival, Ecoflicks Category, Australia, 2016
Thunder Bay International Film Festival, Alpena, USA, 2017
PIPA Film Festival Surf & Outdoors, Brazil, 2017
Sustainability Shorts Film Festival, Illinois, USA, 2017
Wild and Green Shorts Film Festival, May 2017
ADEX Dive Expo, Singapore 2017
International Nature Film Festival Gödöllö, Hungary, 2017
ADEX Dive Expo China 2017, Beijing
Wheels and Fins International Film Festival, Joss Bay Beach, UK, 2017
14th International Film Festival (IFF) „Water, sea & the oceans“ (Voda Moře Oceány), Czech Republic, 2017
SEFF – Short Eco Film Festival, October 5 – 8, 2017, Maramureș, Romania
Voices from the Waters International Traveling Film Festival, October 18, 2017 India
Green Screen Environmental Film Festival, Trinidad &Tobago, November 2, 2017
Festival Internacional de Imagem de Natureza, December 1 – 10, Portugal, 2017
Moving Waters Film Festival, Bangalore, India, 2017

We are very honoured!

You can watch the film here:
English: We live underwater (Biorock Coral Reef Restoration)
With German subtitles: Wir leben unter Wasser (We live underwater / Deutsche Untertitel)
French subtitles: Nous vivons sous les eaux (We live underwater / sous-titres francais)

The Jetlagged Biorock Camp – October 2016 on Gili Trawangan, Indonesia

Having seen the amazing success of Biorocks® with our own eyes, our plans for 2016 are to realize more coral restoration projects and workshops to help stressed or damaged coral reef ecosystems.

Through the great support of Tawo Diving in Germany, we were able to return to Indonesia in October 2016 to build another Biorock® artificial reef. If you want to participate as well in this great cause, you can donate directly by using the Paypal donation button below, or if you want to do more and join us, get in touch with us via info@thejetlagged.com!

If you want to learn more about the Biorock® technology, visit the Global Coral Reef Alliancewww.biorock.org or contact us!

We want to build more Biorock® reefs in 2016,
please help us by donating to restore coral reefs:

Thank you for helping us save coral reefs!


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