71% and Rising


71% and Rising will be the greatest manifesto for the protection of the ocean. On their investigative journey around the planet, the multi-award-winning underwater cinematographers Claudia and Hendrik Schmitt will unravel the greatest threats for marine ecosystems and find out why we all need to worry about the state of our ocean. 

Step by step, the filmmakers find out how everything in the ocean is connected and how it influences (human) life on land.  

Local communities will show them impacts first-hand, but also introduce promising ocean conservation and restoration projects. The filmmakers will talk to the most renowned scientists and experts at the frontline of ocean research, education, and outreach, to identify which actions are necessary – from individuals as well as from governments – to reverse the degradation of marine habitats and restore the balance in the ocean. 

In the veins of ‘Racing Extinction’ and ‘Sea of Shadows’, this film will shake the viewer up; but not let them plunge into resignation. After all, we know what to do: our scientists and experts can show us the way, but it‘s on each and every one of us to act! The health of our ocean and humanity’s future on this planet are inseparable. 

71% and Rising is developed in a collaboration with SEETREE Creative Content Concepts and comes with an extensive multimedia package, including a web-series, an augmented reality project, different VR360° stories, and a unique transmedia educational package to create maximum impact. 

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Skills : Documentary

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