Mantas upside down September 22, 2015

Manta rays are some of the largest animals in the oceans. There are two known different species, reef mantas (manta alfredi) and oceanic or giant mantas (manta birostris). Giant manta rays can weigh as much as 1,350 kg and have wingspans of up to 7 m. They are migratory animals and constantly have to swim to have fresh water flush over their gills. Despite their enormous size, mantas feed on tiny zooplankton that they filter out of the water. Meeting...

The Jetlagged on Kanawa Island, Komodo National Park July 19, 2013

It’s always summer, somewhere on the planet. That’s what we Northern Europeans think to ourselves to escape from winter blues. Our summer ends after only a few weeks – weeks, when we were really lucky. It just feels good to know that there is a place, somewhere on this planet, where there is always summer. A place where you can go to, anytime, a place that will always welcome you with a burning sun, blazing heat and humidity, with clear…

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