Stunning 360° film ‘Sea Plastic’ immerses viewers in virtual experience of plastic pollution October 21, 2020

Filmmakers The Jetlagged have teamed up with global alliance Plastic Pollution Coalition to release “Sea Plastic,” a beautiful and powerful virtual reality film illustrating the plastic pollution crisis. 

Narrated by Oscar-winning actor, producer, activist, and Plastic Pollution Coalition Notable Member, Tim Robbins, the film takes viewers on a journey through polluted beaches, a river of plastic, under the surface of the ocean, and even into an overflowing and burning landfill. Stunning footage is combined with actions each of us can take to work together to stop plastic pollution.  

In addition to the English version of the film narrated by Tim Robbins, “Sea Plastic” is available in German, narrated by TV presenter and nature filmmaker Dirk Steffens and in Indonesian, narrated by journalist and news presenter Prita Laura, with French, Spanish and Chinese translations forthcoming. After premiering in Germany in September, “Sea Plastic” is now exclusively available on Plastic Pollution Coalition’s website for the next two weeks.

How To Watch

360° SEA PLASTIC – English version narrated by Tim Robbins

360° MEER-PLASTIK – Deutsche Version gesprochen von Dirk Steffens

360° LAUTAN PLASTIK – Diriwayatkan oleh Prita Laura (Bahasa Indonesia)

You can watch the film on your computer or smart phone—you can click and drag to change the perspective. On your smart phone, a circle icon will pop up to change the perspective.

To view the film on your VR headsets, there are two options:

1. For headsets that work with smartphones, touch the VR goggle symbol before inserting the phone into the headset.

2. For headsets with internal apps, like Oculus, open the Youtube app in the VR headset and then enter the title of the film in the search field or the link.

The film is best viewed with a VR headset for the full experience, enabling the viewer to look around.


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