Shakti Raja Ampat Liveaboard

Our latest scuba travel takes us aboard Shakti Raja Ampat Liveaboard, into a remote archipelago in Indonesia/West Papua in the middle of the Coral Triangle. The huge area around mainly uninhabited karst islands are a marine sanctuary and famous for its rich and unique underwater life. It’s on top of almost every diver’s bucket list.

In the marine national park, where no commercial fishing is allowed, underwater life flourishes. Raja Ampat is famous for its large schools of fish, abundant makro life, incredible coral diversity and different species of sharks (for example the Wobbegong) and manta rays. Situated in the heart of the coral triangle, Raja Ampat is known for the largest underwater biodiversity on Earth and new species are discovered regularly.

Enjoy our Shakti Raja Ampat Liveaboard adventure and get on board yourself: www.shakti-raja-ampat.com

Drone provided by drone expert BIG AL

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Client : Shakti Raja Ampat Liveaboard
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