Wunderpus – Diving in Komodo

The Jetlagged are having a wonderful time on the beautiful vessel Wunderpus Liveaboard, diving all around the Komodo national park in Indonesia.
Enjoy fascinating macro life inbetween beautiful corals, great pelagic fish hunting on the edge of the current and unforgettable close-up encounters with majestic manta rays! Explore almost uninhabited islands with rolling hills and find the last living dragons, spend an afternoon on a deserted pink beach or watch wild dolphins play in the bow wave! Komodo is adventure and fun, excitement and relaxation for the soul.

Have fun with the film now, like & share! And don’t forget the best – make the Liveaboard Komodo Diving Trip yourself, book a trip now for!

Project Details

Client : Wunderpus Liveaboard & Diving
Skills : Indonesia, Promotional Video, Travel
Address : http://wunderpusliveaboard.com/

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