To Explore The Deep October 23, 2020

The ocean still is the biggest mystery of our planet. With an average depth of 4 kilometers, most of its secrets are hidden in the deep where humans can’t survive. Average scuba divers may explore the first 30 meters of it – but some people are pushing the boundaries and are stretching physical laws to venture deeper. One of them is Philip Christoff, technical diving instructor at Manta Dive Gili Trawangan and Fourth Element team diver. Technical diving makes it…

One Ocean, One Love May 17, 2020

The Jetlagged are known for powerful films about the underwater world and films that bring awareness to the issues that are threatening our oceans. The ongoing climate crisis, unregulated fishing/overfishing and plastic pollution put the oceans, its ecosystems and all marine life in danger. This film is a message to all divers and ocean lovers – we are the voice of the ocean! Let’s raise it to protect it!

Galápagos May 17, 2020

One of the greatest travel adventures and most amazing scuba diving destinations is without a doubt the Galápagos Islands. We spent two weeks on Aqua Liveaboard last year, exploring the islands of this remote and legendary archipelago. Our first week-long trip, the “naturalist” cruise, let us follow Darwin’s footsteps and explore the islands of Santa Cruz, Floreana, Santa Fé, Santiago, Rabida, Bartholomew, North Seymore and more. Walking on adventurous trails, we visited new places every day, like Dragon Hill, Chinese…

DAN Europe – Why We Do It February 18, 2019

“When we go diving, we become explorers of the most unknown part of this world. It is beautiful, magical and full of wonders – it is what makes our planet blue. Every time we go there, it feels like coming home.” The Divers Alert Network (DAN) is the diving industry’s largest association dedicated to scuba diving safety. Serving scuba divers for more than 30 years, DAN provides emergency assistance, medical information resources, educational opportunities and more. The Jetlagged are Ambassadors for DAN…

Why turtle hatchlings need the sea July 5, 2018

The life cycle of a marine turtle is complex. Nowadays, they are facing challenging changes to their habitats and encounter all kinds new dangers imposed upon them by modern humans. All sea turtle species are threatened with extinction. To help save sea turtles, marine conservation facilities around the world hatch sea turtle eggs and keep the hatchlings in tanks until they have grown stronger and more fit for a survival in the wild. The Jetlagged’s short film “Fragile” talks with…

Ísland – A Diving & Driving Trip July 17, 2017

It is one of our greatest adventures so far – a road trip all around Iceland. Plus: We are diving some of the most impressive sites you can dive at all: “Silfra”, a water-filled crack between the continental plates and “Strýtan”, a hydrothermal chimney, 65 m high, ejecting 70°C hot water. Iceland, that’s impressive landscape, steaming earth, smoking lava, sulphur smell. Deserted wilderness, puffins and whales! Come with us on the trip of a lifetime.

Shakti Raja Ampat Liveaboard April 18, 2017

Our latest scuba travel takes us aboard Shakti Raja Ampat Liveaboard, into a remote archipelago in Indonesia/West Papua in the middle of the Coral Triangle. The huge area around mainly uninhabited karst islands are a marine sanctuary and famous for its rich and unique underwater life. It’s on top of almost every diver’s bucket list. In the marine national park, where no commercial fishing is allowed, underwater life flourishes. Raja Ampat is famous for its large schools of fish, abundant makro…

Wunderpus – Diving in Komodo December 6, 2015

The Jetlagged are having a wonderful time on the beautiful vessel Wunderpus Liveaboard, diving all around the Komodo national park in Indonesia. Enjoy fascinating macro life inbetween beautiful corals, great pelagic fish hunting on the edge of the current and unforgettable close-up encounters with majestic manta rays! Explore almost uninhabited islands with rolling hills and find the last living dragons, spend an afternoon on a deserted pink beach or watch wild dolphins play in the bow wave! Komodo is adventure and fun,…

Crashing Curaçao May 20, 2014

A plane crash and being stranded on a deserted island – it was never so hard to start a new Jetlagged adventure! Enjoy a new scuba diving road trip with The Jetlagged on the Caribbean island of Curaçao!

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