Strýtan, Northern Iceland September 12, 2022

When scuba divers think about diving in Iceland, they will most likely have images of the famous Silfra crack in their minds, a tectonic fissure filled with cold, crystal clear, glacial water close to Iceland’s largest town Reykjavik. But what much less divers know is that in the far north of Iceland there’s another unique and even more spectacular dive site: the hydrothermal chimney Strýtan. Read more about it here: https://alertdiver.eu/en_US/articles/strytan-northern-iceland

Ísland – A Diving & Driving Trip July 17, 2017

It is one of our greatest adventures so far – a road trip all around Iceland. Plus: We are diving some of the most impressive sites you can dive at all: “Silfra”, a water-filled crack between the continental plates and “Strýtan”, a hydrothermal chimney, 65 m high, ejecting 70°C hot water. Iceland, that’s impressive landscape, steaming earth, smoking lava, sulphur smell. Deserted wilderness, puffins and whales! Come with us on the trip of a lifetime.

Going North – Diving in Silfra, Iceland February 11, 2013

The Silver Lady: Diving in Silfra, Iceland It is time for us to travel to the far North, to a country we have always wanted to see: Iceland. There we ride snowmobiles, visit the natural sensations of the “Golden Circle”, the Gulfoss Waterfall, the geothermal area of Geysir and the Thingvellir National Park, where we finally take a dive in a long and deep crack called “Silfra” between the continental plates of Europe and America.

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