A recipe for spicy sambal sauce & a ship that ran out of chilis August 17, 2015

What to bring home from a trip to the end the world? We all love souvenirs – small things we find when we’re travelling that will later bring back memories of a country, a region or a certain trip. There is always a lot pretty kitsch, but some souvenirs definitely prove to be of the more useful kind, like the Balinese sarong, sea salt from the Mediterranean or native coconut oil from Indonesian tribes women. But there are few things that bring back…

The Jetlagged on Kanawa Island, Komodo National Park July 19, 2013

It’s always summer, somewhere on the planet. That’s what we Northern Europeans think to ourselves to escape from winter blues. Our summer ends after only a few weeks – weeks, when we were really lucky. It just feels good to know that there is a place, somewhere on this planet, where there is always summer. A place where you can go to, anytime, a place that will always welcome you with a burning sun, blazing heat and humidity, with clear…

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