The Pale Horse – Coral Apocalypse

Our world climate is changing. We can already feel it, but other organisms sense it quicker than us and even more drastically. Such are tropical, reef-building corals. Their polyps react very sensitive to changing conditions like water quality and in particular the surrounding ocean temperature: the stress caused by rising temperatures drives them to expel symbiotic algae living in their tissues, causing them to turn completely white. Without the nutrients the algae provide, the coral polyps slowly starve and die.

Coral bleaching is one of the major threats to existing coral reefs. If global warming is not stalled, such events will increase in frequency and intensity all over the world with a devastating effect on coral reefs worldwide – these fragile ecological communities may be gone within this century. Losing reefs would have grave consequences for the marine biodiversity and a widespread cascade effect on other ecosystems – on land as well.

The Jetlagged came across severe coral bleaching within the Coral Triangle in 2016. They witnessed healthy reefs they have dived for years fading and dying. Our film The Pale Horse – Coral Apocalypse explains why this is happening – and appeals: we still have time to save the reefs – if we change the way we treat our plant.

With it, comes a personally emotional and strong appeal: we still have time to save the reefs – but we have to change the way we treat our world immediately.


F E S T I V A L   S C R E E N I N G S:

ADEX Dive Expo,April 2017, Singapore
International Nature Film Festival Gödöllö, May 2017, Hungary
Ekotopfilm – Envirofilm Festival, May2017, Slovakia (Bratislava / Banská Bystrica)
CFF Caselle Film Festival, 17 August, 2017, Italy
ADEX Dive Expo China, 31 August – 3 September, 2017, Beijing
Voices from the Waters International Traveling Film Festival, October 18, 2017 India
International Film Festival Earth Talks, 6-12 October, Prague, Czech Republic
San Diego UnderSea Film Exhibition, October 6–7, 2017, USA
Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival, October 23, 2017, Malaysia
Wildlife Conservation Film Festival, 19-29 October, 2017, New York / USA
Environmental Film Festival, October-November 2017, Albania

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