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We live underwater

Some people plant trees, The Jetlagged build their own reef!

Coral reefs worldwide are threatened, suffering from pollution, overfishing and global warming. According to the WWF, we have already lost 27% of the world's coral reefs. If present rates of destruction continue, 60% of the world's coral reefs will be gone in the next 30 years.
But we can do something to help: Besides living a more ecologically aware life, there is a way to restore coral reefs and create new marine ecosystems where reefs have already been destroyed.
So we decided to build an artificial reef on Gili Trawangan in Indonesia - it is equipped with a special feature... something that gives corals real super powers!
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Saving Sharks on Bali

When a shark gets caught by a fisherman, it usually faces a dire and mostly short future. Indonesia is one of the world’s biggest export markets for shark fins to China and other Asian countries, where they are consumed in a soup that is considered a delicacy. Many shark species are on the brink of extinction today. When these apex predators disappear, the balance in the ocean is at stake.
One surfer on Bali didn’t just want to stand back and watch. He founded Bali Sharks, set up floating pens in the sea and convinced local fishermen, who regularly by-caught juvenile sharks in their nets, to - instead of killing them - sell the sharks to him alive. On „Shark Island“, the sharks can recover and grow stronger before they are released back into a nearby marine park. Tourists can visit the shark rescue center, feed the sharks and even swim with them.

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The Jetlagged Biorock Camp

A new artificial reef for Gili Trawangan
Our film "We live underwater" about the Biorock artificial reef technology got a lot of attention and many people addressed us, interested in participating in building artificial coral reefs. So, last year in October, it was time for the very first The Jetlagged Biorock Camp on Gili Trawangan in Indonesia! Read more

Mantas upside down

Participate in research and protection of manta rays
Meeting these gentle giants in their element is undoubtedly one of the greatest experiences scuba divers or snorkelers can have. But did you know that if you have a camera, you can make a valuable contribution to manta ray research and protection? Read more

Whales & Whaling in Iceland

About whales and whaling in Iceland
Torn apart by the forces of the Earth, Iceland is a wild and dangerous country. We are deeply in love with it, but for one thing: Iceland is still hunting whales. Here is why you shouldn't eat whale meat when in Iceland. Read more

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